About Us

Nelsons CNC is a CNC machine shop that specialises in manufacturing aluminum press fit end caps.

Founded by Charlie Nelson in 2008 and with 20 years of experience as a CNC machinist working in aluminum fabrication for commercial and industrial companies he saw a need for an alternative solution to the commonly used black plastic cap.

Using CNC machining centres Charlie was able to design an aluminum end cap that could be easily knocked into any post or tubing allowing a permanent fit and last the test of time along with the rest of the job. Nelsons CNC now provide a wide range of quality, precision fitting end caps that can be easily power coated to neatly finish off your job.

Nelsons CNC aluminum knock-in end caps are solely designed to fit in the end of an tubing permanently with a tight fit, without needing any weld or adhesive. A beveled edge on the underside makes for easy installation.

All our aluminum end caps are manufactured in Australia and shipped using FedEx. For more information contact us info@nelsonscnc.com

Nelsons CNC - Charlie Nelson